Art Education

Kunstvermittlung: donumenta+
Kunstvermittlung: donumenta+



Contemporary art often eludes simple explanations. At the same time much of it can be understood intuitively and palpably. For this reason, donumenta compiled  "donumenta +", a compact program of art education. For the whole duration of the exhibitions it offers the visitor the present approaches to the ideas, logics, strategies and paradigms, enabling him/her to connect to the individual works of the artists from the Danube region.

Digital exhibition-guide ARTPHONE

Worldwide museums have very good experiences with straightforward, interactive art education. donumenta 2012 offered its visitors for the first time in Regensburg a digital exhibition guide. ARTPHONE allowed free and direct access to art-works and artists as well as the other stations of the photo exhibition.

The functioning of ARTPHONE is simple: by all art-works in the museum, the exhibition organizers placed QR codes "Quick Response". The black and white boxes function like bar codes in supermarkets. Visitors can scan it with their own smartphone or tablet PC and enter in this way directly to the website

This is optimized for mobile devices and contains additional information about the artist and his work: What is the focus of the artist in his work, how the work is created,  are there interesting biographical details? Thereby, short and accessible texts and images are provided.

To enjoy this service, you have to bring to the exhibition your own smartphone or tablet PC with mobile internet access and download in Google Play Store or rather in App Store a free QR-code scanner.