Concept of "A Survey of the Danube Region - Individual Views. Photography"

Idea and concept of the photo exhibition "14x14" which travels through the Danube Region from 2014 on.

concept of donumenta 2012. 14 x 14 - Survey of the Danube Region.

donumenta is the outstanding event which has turned Regensburg into an important platform for international cultural exchange with the Danube Region and South East Europe. It internationally and supra regionally sharpened the profile of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a place for contemporary art. The promotion of contemporary art has always been and will always be our main goal.

Between the years 2003 and 2011, donumenta e.V. has given a demonstration of
the most current art of the countries along the Danube. Following the geographical
flow of the river, each year donumenta has presented all genres of the art and
culture of one Danube country. Being the seat of the Perpetual Assembly in the past
and with Regensburg being the northernmost City along the Danube, this is an ideal
platform for a continuous dialogue about identity and community in a growing

In the exhibition year 2012, donumenta is going to present 14 internationally
renowned, outstanding artists or artist collectives from the 14 countries of the
Danube Region at three exhibition locations and in the public space.
There will be shown: video, installation, painting, objects, sculpture, graphic drawing and photography. Special focus on land art and public intervention.

You can order the bilingual exhibition catalogue (14,90€) here.