14 x 14 Fountains & Sources

The city of Regensburg restores her fountains. donumenta takes this as an opportunity for a re-evaluation from an artistic and cultural perspective. The pilot project "14 x 14 fountains & sources" will be launched in September 2018. donumenta invites artists from the 14 Danube countries to apply with their ideas for interventions, performances or installations.

Since the beginning of time, fountains have represented places providing water as well as social interaction, communication and information. To this day, dozens of public fountains and fountains owned by housing associations or real estate developers are being cared for within the city district of Regensburg. We know of many more from historical sources. On the other hand, fountains no longer form a central part of the public water supply system and only a few fountains in exposed areas invite passers-by to stay. Nevertheless, new fountains are being planned or built. Fountain monuments are being relocated or restored in order to preserve their historical value.