Artists in Residence - Program 2022

In 2022, donumenta e.V. expects artists from the European Danube region to explore the World Heritage City of Regensburg during their Artist in Residence stay from August to October. They will create and present project ideas based on their research. 

November 2022

Sinisa Ilic

The artist Sinisa Ilic was born in Serbia in 1977 and studied painting at the University of Arts in Belgrade. He works with various visual elements such as painting, drawings, installations and video. His works have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions. He is also involved in various theater productions as a co-author and stage designer and has been working with two other artists as a loosely formed theater group since 1998. He is co-founder of the artist collective "Walking Theory", which combines theory and practice in art.

Dimitar Solakov

The artist Dimitar Solakov was born in Bulgaria in 1987. He works mainly with video and photography and integrates drawings into his works. Thematically, he deals with connections. He is concerned with interpersonal relationships as well as the connection between man and nature and the link to various ideas, ideas and belief systems. In addition, he deals with the subjectivity of history and the extent to which presented information is based on certain narratives.

Impressions of the stay of the AiR in November

October 2022

Irina Kudrya

Ukrainian artist Irina Kudrya was born in 1986. She studied visual communication in Kiev. She works with different media, her focus is mainly on video installations and video performances. She deals with the themes of corporeality, identity and success and addresses issues of historical memory and modernity. Since 2020, she has been researching Babyn Yar and conducting special concept tours. Babyn Yar is a place in Kiev that has become a symbol of the "Holocaust by bullets".

Uliana Bychenkova

Artist, curator and designer Uliana Bychenkova was born in 1986 in Kerch. She studied book design and illustration in Kharkiv in the Department of Graphic Arts. In her art she deals with graphic design, photography and multimedia. Feminist research, musical performance, abstract concepts and ceramic objects are also part of her work, in which she deals with the imagination of mankind.

Regina Hellwig-Schmid accompanies the Ukrainian artists in residence Irina Kudrya and Ulyana Bychenkova in Regensburg

July 2022

Olga Kocsi

Olga Kocsi (1987) from Budapest studied Media Design at the Moholy Nagy Art and Design University. The multimedia artist works primarily with photography and video installations. She creates multisensory experiences. Her art connects the boundaries between reality and virtual reality and deals with possible future scenarios. She also shows the connection between private and public spaces.

Impressions of Olga Kocsi's stay