Artist in Residence Olga Kocsi - "Intermediate tones in the tension between history and the present"

Donumenta Artist in Residence Olga Kocsi (1987) from Budapest spent her four-week stay in July 2022 in Regensburg and dealt with the topic "Intermediate tones in the tension between history and the present" as part of the cultural annual theme "Intermediate tones" of the city of Regensburg. In doing so, she gathered a variety of insights into life in Regensburg, its history and dealt with everyday topics that are usually overlooked. Reading between the lines and looking closely at the inconspicuous are characteristics of Kocsi's artistic approach and work.

In a creative and innovative way, Kocsi recorded her impressions of the city and commented on them with interested but also humorous comments. The fresh wind that Olga Kocsi brings in through her art and her point of view offers new perspectives and directs the viewer's attention to the small things of everyday life.


However, Kocsi's engagement with the city of Regensburg also offered a very profound way of looking at things. Through her extensive research, she pointed out backgrounds to topics and details that raise sad and frightening perspectives and make it clear that there are stories behind apparent trivialities - stories that make you think, make you question certain perspectives and that can and should also hurt. 

The diverse range of topics Kocsi deals with shows that it is important to go through the world with open eyes in all areas of life and to question the things we take for granted. In addition, Kocsi's contemplation encourages curiosity and a new understanding of one's own surroundings and what lies behind the things.

In her works, Kocsi combines all these elements: she creates interest and makes the overlooked visible - in a way that can nevertheless bring a smile to the viewer's face. Thus, she deals with the things that are between the lines and expands the perspective by important nuances that are part of the history and the present of the people from Regensburg.

Now the further project planning is on the agenda, in which Kocsi will elaborate her ideas in more detail and explore the possibilities of implementation.