AiR-Platform Danube Region – Turntabe of Exchange

The Artist in Residence Programme "Danube Art Lab" will be continued and internationally oriented in the future with the AiR-Platform Danube Region. While the Danube Art Lab brought artists from the Danube countries to Regensburg, the aspect of an all over transnational exchange in the AiR-Platform Danube Region is to be strengthened. In conjunction with already existing Artist-in-Residence programmes in the countries of the European Danube Region, the AiR-Platform Danube Region will position itself as a hub of contemporary artistic and cultural exchange.

With the AiR-Platform Danube Region donumenta plans to ensure the continuation and sustainability of the Intereg project "Cultural Platform Danube Region - Creative Places of the 21st Century" (2017 - 2019).

In order to verify the interest in such an exchange in the Danube region, a workshop took place in October 2018 in which Regina Hellwig-Schmid, chairwoman and artistic director of donumenta, outlined her idea and the concept of the AiR-Platform Danube Region.


  • Networking of the art scene in the countries of the Danube Region in Europe
  • The artistic interventions refer to the cultural heritage of the respective host country and manifest itself in public space.
  • Cooperation and exchange with the local art scene by the means of artist talks, exhibitions and visualization of interdisciplinary artistic approaches and interventions.
  • Great flexibility to correspond the tight schedules of internationally active artists and to create appropriate conditions.


  • Targeted cultural exchange strengthens and accelerates the integration of the Danube region in Europe.
  • The AiRPlatform Danube Region not only creates artist partnerships and alliances for the future, but also greater awareness and attractiveness for the countries and cities of the Danube Region.
  • The cooperation of various AiR-centres and -programmes in the Danube Region creates synergies in the publication, development and reception of existing and new cultural routes as well as the organization of accompanying events (exhibitions, artist talks, readings etc.).
  • Sustainability, especially in the networking of artists, educational institutions and the cultural capitals and partner cities.


  • Andrej Lovšin, Traduki, Writer in Residence Programme, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jindřich Jindřich and Tomáš Fridrich from DEPO2015, Pilsen, Czech Republic
  • Zsuzsanna Szededy-Maszák from Budapest Gallery in Hungary
  • Yasmin Martin Vodopivec, MGLC International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Eslitza Popova from Elias-Canetti-Association and the International Association EDUCART in Ruse, Bulgaria

All participants expressed their interest to be part of AiR-Platform Danube Region and in absence also

  • Katka Krejcova, Kulturvernetzung, Lower Austria
  • Sergej Vasilev from Port Cetate, Romania
  • Zuzana Kotíková, Košice, Slovakia
  • Vladimir Radmanović, International Relations, Novi Sad, Serbia

donumenta plans to gain further partners from 14 countries of the Danube Region for the new AiR-Platform Danube Region.

Read the concept AiR-Platform Danube Region of donumenta, discuss about and take part with your artist-in-residence-programme in the Danube Region of Europe. (Link to the concept follows shortly.)