donumenta – Partner im Danube Art Lab (DAL)

Since 2002 donumenta stands for network and exchange regarding contemporary art and culture in the Danube region. The donumenta Team of  Experts has developed a new concept for the cultural platform Danube region – creative places in the 21st century: Founded in collaboration with the City of Regensburg, the "Danube Art Lab (DAL) for contemporary and interdisciplinary art, provides an opportunity for artists from Danube countries for interventions and local projects in the public sphere. The project aims to rediscover forgotten places and cultural heritage in the Danube region, making it accessible to tourism and the general public.

Danube Art Lab is the place to develop and realize ideas for the cultural platform Danube region. As an Artist-in-Residence-Programmme, the DAL is expected to be continued beyond the duration of the project. Regensburg, located at the most northerly point of the Danube, is predestined to support and sustain the exchange of artists from all Danube countries.

The exhibition "Danube Art Lab – Hidden Places / Hidden Spaces – Verborgenes / Vergessenes – Positionen zeitgenössischer Kunst"

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    Download the brochure of the exhibition 2018. July 28th to October 14th 2018 in public space and July 28th to November 18th 2018 in Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Bertoldstraße 8, 93047 Regensburg