Dušan Zahoranský

Dušan Zahoranský: The artist has studied in Bratislava (SL), Nottingham (UK), Pennsylvania (US) and Prague (CZ), has won numerous European art awards and has made a name for himself with typographic playgrounds in public spaces and as a curator. 

Eszter Muray

The graphic designer from Budapest (Hungary) studied in Arnhem (NL), Glasgow (UK) and New York and was nominated for various Hungarian design awards. Eszter Muray has developed a series of typographic works for public spaces.

Pavla Scerankova

The artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and graduated with a PhD in 2011. She has received numerous prizes and scholarships, including those of the DAAD and the Ersamus Programme of the European Union. Scerankova experiments with scenarios that could be without limiting factors such as gravity.

Rok Bogataj

The artist from Slovenia studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His works have been presented in many exhibitions, for example in France, Japan, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. He expresses his artistic work through various media such as sculpture, photography, video, sound and painting. He has also won various prizes at a European level.

Tonka Maleković

Born in Croatia, she studied graphic arts at the University of Fine Arts in Zagreb (HR). In addition to exhibitions in Croatia, her works have also been presented in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The artist develops her site-specific projects as temporary installations in public space and participates in urban life.