AiR 2021

In the year 2021, from August to October, we expect artists from the European Danube region to explore the World Heritage City of Regensburg. During their Artist in Residence stay at the invitation of donumenta e.V. they work to present project ideas based on their research.

October 2021

Krassimir Terziev

Krassimir Terziev (1969) is an interdisciplinary artist from Bulgaria who works with various media such as film, photography, painting and drawings. He earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Sofia University, where he has also been teaching ever since. His art raises questions about the demarcation between reality and fiction. He also focuses on the globalized world and the multi-layered world of images and its basis in technological and human "hardware".

Olivia Mihaltianu

Olivia Mihaltianu (1981) was born in Romania and studied fine arts at the University of Arts there. She works cross-medially with video, photography, installations as well as performance. As processes are in focus for her, she often works on long-term projects in which she considers different visual aspects related to personal identities and social contexts. In doing so, she deals with questions regarding the role of artists in today's world and the workings of artistic processes.

Katharina Cibulka

Katharina Cibulka (1975) is an artist, filmmaker and photographer from Austria. She also works as a lecturer for different universities and leads workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her work focuses on aspects such as feminism, social justice, communality and questions about aesthetic processes. Her art is intended to stimulate reflection on social issues. 

Nikolay Karabinovych

Nikolay Karabinovych (1988) was born in Ukraine and lives and works both there and in Belgium. He has also worked as an assistant curator. His artistic focus is on working with different media including video, sound, text and performance. His art deals with questions of identity, belonging and exclusion. In doing so, he foregrounds historical and political events and traces what other, possible consequences could have developed as a result. 

Viktoria Balogh

Hungarian artist Viktoria Balogh (1992) currently works and lives in Budapest. She studied photography at Kaposvár University in Hungary. In her conceptual photography, Balogh treats and refers to various themes relevant to everyday life.

September 2021

Lana Čmajčanin

The visual artist Lana Čmajčanin from Bosnia Herzegovina studied at the University of Sarajevo. She is PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She is co-founder and member of the Association for Culture and Art Crvena, which is a community that understands art as a platform for exchange and social change.

Jelena Gajinovic

Serbian artist (1995) Jelena Gajinovic is a visual artist and designer. Her artistic practice focuses on the presentation of new (hybrid) spaces as well as on digitalized content that offers many possibilities for interpretation and creation of a new reality.

August 2021

Tatiana Fiodorova

Tatiana Fiodorova (1976) was born in Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova and still lives and works there. The artist, curator and educator deals with social and political issues, especially in relation to the post-Soviet transition. She works with different mediums and is known for her photography, artist books, installations in public spaces and live performances.

Ádám Takács

Ádám Takács (1994) was born in Hungary and studied there at the University of Fine Arts as well as at the Academy of Arts in Poland. He deals intensively with the representation of everyday objects and creates thought provoking artworks.