Artist in Residence Program 2023 WORLD HERITAGE REVISITED

Alina Ion, Romania

Alina Ion (1991) works  with and in spaces. She realizes expansive installations made of paper and other materials and also interventions in public space. The artist deals with questions of limitations and freedom and considers spaces as a possibility of open dialogue and at the same time opens new spaces with her art.

Milica Jankovic, Montenegro

Jankovic (1990) is a multidisciplinary artist. In her art she focuses on everyday life. Here she works with painting, graphics, sculpture and has her focus on installations. The artist develops these sometimes in miniature and sometimes in oversized form, which are characterized by the absence of the body.

Stano Masár, Slovakia

Stano Masár (1971) is a conceptual artist. His artistic and theoretical works search for ways and possibilities of showing nothing. By manipulating and transforming individual points of perception, his site-specific installations create works that reflect on the conditions of art in a playful and critical way. In 2019, Masar exhibited one of his works in Regensburg as part of donumenta 2009 Slovakia. This year, as artist in residence, he is developing a project on "donumenta WORLD HERITAGE REVISITED".

Danilo Milovanović, Slovenia

Milovanović (1992) is a visual artist dedicated to thinking about public space and the relationships between its users. In and with his works, which at first are often barely noticeable, open up social discourse about nature and culture.

The artist uses guerrilla tactics and a do-it-yourself approach - he is certainly one of the creators who often crosses the line between art and activism, but he is one of the few who consistently cultivates poetic substance and a particular subtlety in his works. The artist's focus is on interventions in public spaces, but he also works with photo and video documentation.

Lorand Bögös, Hungary

Lorand Bögös (1986) works mainly spatial installations and art in public space. In his art he focuses on globalization and colonization as well as materiality. Here he works with different objects with different cultural backgrounds and shapes them into a new context.

Lorand Bögös is in Regensburg as part of the city's annual theme "Höhenflug", Thanks to the City of Regensburg