donumenta e.V.

donumenta e.V. is the outstanding event which has turned Regensburg into an important platform for international cultural exchange with the Danube Region and South East Europe.

Since 2003 donumenta e.V. has introduced a huge selection of contemporary art from Danube countries.It internationally and supra regionally sharpened the profile of Regensburg, UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a place for contemporary art. The promotion of contemporary art and culture is the main goal of donumenta since the very beginning.

Between the years 2003 and 2011, donumenta e.V. has given a demonstration of the most current art of the countries along the Danube: Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Hungary, and Republic of Serbia. Following the geographical flow of the river, each year donumenta has presented all genres of art and culture such as literature, films, dance, visual arts, theatre, music of one Danube country, through a multitude of exhibitions, performances, readings, lectures, concerts, and other events in Regensburg.

In 2011, the international symposium Danube, where to? - A cradle of European Culture and its future, proved to be an ideal platform to share the experiences accumulated during a decennial journey, and to maintain and foster the intensity of dialogue about identity and community in a growing Europe.

For its jubilee exhibition, donumenta took the occasion of the European Strategy for the Danube Region EUSDR and planned the presentation of artists of the 14 Danube countries Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Czech Republic.

donumenta 2012 “14x14 – Survey of the Danube Region. Positions in contemporary art” exhibition represented the transition into a new exhibition format through the overall presentation of artists of the 14 countries of the Danube Region and concurrently the transformation in a mobile exhibition platform. To introduce and share the transformation with the Danube Region public, the 14x14 participating artists were invited to explore their country, their society and the living circumstances by the means of photography. Two photographs of each artist give the viewer a chance to discover a new approach to their country of origin. Since then the photo exhibition “14x14 – Survey of the Danube Region. Individual Views. – Photographic Positions.” has been touring through the 14 Danube region countries and has turned us directly to our current and future engagement in the Danube Region.