donumenta – about us

donumenta stands for contemporary art from 14 countries along the Danube: multimedia, performance, installation, photography, painting, crossover - without borders. It is the initiative of its artistic director Regina-Hellwig-Schmid and was established as an association in Regensburg in 2002.

donumenta e.V. makes Regensburg a hub of international cultural exchange along the Danube and contributes to the profile of the World Heritage city as a place for contemporary art

donumenta festivals

Germany, Austria, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. Following the course of the river, from 2003 to 2011 donumenta featured one individual Danube country per year, hosting boundary transcending festivals for visual arts, literature, film, dance, theatre, music, and society in Regensburg. Via the medium of art, donumenta initiated a perpetual dialogue about identity and society in a Europe of ever closer union.


In 2011, the international symposium  "Donau – wohin? – Die Zukunft einer Wiege europäischer Kultur"[1] (Link zu Konzept/Programm/Archiv) took place in Regensburg. Curators, scientists, artists and creatives from the Danube region used the event as a platform for sharing information and experience of 10 years of donumenta networking.

Photo exhibition

The donumenta photo exhibition "14x14 Vermessung des Donauraumes - Momentaufnahmen - Fotografische Positionen"[2] (Link) originated in 2012, following the years of featuring individual countries. The exhibition extended the radius of donumenta to the 14 European Danube countries as defined according to EU expansion (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Rupublic of Moldova, and Ukraine). The donumenta photo exhibiton focused on artists’ individual impressions. "14x14 Vermessung des Donauraumes – Momentaufnahmen - Fotografische Positionen" has been continued as a travelling exhibition in the Danube countries, helping to implement the donumenta idea.

Open Air Gallery

The donumenta Open Air Gallery "14 x 14 under construction" (Link) showed the works of 14 artists from 14 Danube countries in the city area of Regensburg. Between September and November 2017, scaffolds and facades had been turned into an open gallery for everyone.

Danube Culture Platform 21 / Danube Art Lab (DAL)

Since 2017, the donumenta Team of Experts has been counselling the City of Regensburg regarding the EU project "Kulturplattform Donauraum – Kreative Orte des 21. Jahrhunderts"[3] (Link). The project’s goal is the implementation of contemporary art and artistic intervention in order to discover secret and mostly forgotten historical heritage of Regensburg and the Bavarian Danube region, forming "creative spaces of the 21st century".

The in 2017 established "Danube Art Lab" (DAL)  (Artist-in-Residence-Programme) represents a platform of contemporary, interdisciplinary art and culture. The site-specific works of artists from the entire Danube region open up the history, present and cultural heritage of the Bavarian Danube region for a contemporary understanding of culture.In-situ projects of artists from the Danube Region offer an approach to the history, present and cultural heritage of the Bavarian Danube Region in the context of contemporary cultural awareness.

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